Explore Sacramento homesSearch out stories of old time Sacramento real estate. The Sacramento History Museum delves deeply into the city’s past and the rich characters who lived in Sacramento homes. There are a variety of interesting tours to take part in. Docents for the museum provide insight information on spectacular exhibits including the Community Gallery and Agricultural Gallery.

Tours offered by the Sacramento History Museum often go off the grounds. Underground tours showcase engineering successes in the landscape that saved Sacramento real estate from flooding in the late 1800’s. Guests will explore underground areas where surfaces are not level but stooped, ceilings low and floorings uneven. Underground After Hours tours are extremely popular and designed for an adult only audience. When darkness looms, Sacramento’s colorful history comes to life. Scoundrels, gold diggers, miners and soiled doves will tell the tales of their existence. The group will hear stories of murder, mayhem and political intrigue.

Stroll Back To The Gold Rush On Sacramento Real Estate

Seasonal tours lend additional insight to California’s capital city. The Gold Rush Experience tour coincides with Gold Rush Days. Strolling through the Old Sacramento Historic District the scenery of the Gold Rush is reviewed. Learn details of how a boomtown transformed into the metropolis of today. Ghost tours are eagerly anticipated and scheduled during the month of October. Participants not easily spooked will be led through the streets and buildings where disappearances of the living and the arrival of the dead were commonplace. It is not unusual for a ghost or two of times past to make an appearance.

The Sacramento History Museum holds a wealth of information on the evolution of California. Highlighted are bold and vivacious personalities and stories of weak and robust times. Plan a visit or take a tour of the streets. Come away with a better perspective of the past and insight into the future.